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Home Equity

Canadians purchase homes for a variety of reasons. Some want the stability of owning their own home, while others also look at home ownership as an investment vehicle. No matter what the reason, the truth is that home ownership has proven itself to be a good stable investment over time, and one which many Canadians are profiting from.

While many people have chosen to purchase their first home during these times of lower interest rates, there has also been a large movement to refinance home loans and pull out equity for home improvements, investments, college expenses, and even high interest debt consolidation. Canadians have been borrowing against their home's equity in record numbers, taking out billions of dollars in cash each year.

While removing equity from your home can be a good idea, you should do so with caution and fully understand the benefits and possible risks. The best thing you can do is to consult a licensed mortgage professional and financial planner to discuss opportunities to make your home's equity work for you.


First Time Buyers

For most people coming up with a down payment for purchasing is the hardest part of buying a home. We can offers a 5% down mortgage solution for those clients with excellent credit and a stable steady income. We also understand that Self Employed and New Immigrant borrowers contribute largely to this leading group of buyers, that’s why we are helping Self Employed borrowers and Newcomers to Canada realize there homeownership dreams.

Buying a first home is very exciting. If you've never had a mortgage before, we can help. Our team of mortgage brokers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. All of our consultations are free and you will never have to pay us. Our commitment is to find you the best mortgages Canada has to offer.


Self-Employed Buyers

We work with self-employed Canadians every day and understand the issues that keep you up at night. Your dreams for home ownership should not be one of them!

You already know it makes sense to go to a specialist to get the job done, similar to how you consult other expert advisors, such as lawyers, accountants or financial planners. And we work for YOU, not an institution. The more complex your mortgage situation, the more sense it makes to find an experienced mortgage professional who can customize a mortgage to meet your short-term needs and your long-term financial plan. Your home is a very important asset; make the most of it!

While there is now broad recognition that self-employed Canadians are an excellent and reliable customer group, your Mortgage Consultant will advise you how you can improve your options and get the best possible rate, for instance, through any documentation to prove income and/or employment, a great credit history, or a significant down payment.


Renewals & Transfers

When a mortgage term is ending, most of the big banks in Canada will send a renewal notice by mail usually one or two months prior to expiration. At this time, the banks tend to take advantage of our busy schedules by making it easy to sign on with them for another term.

However, they do not take the time to go through your current financials to see if shortening your amortization might be beneficial, for example. The worst part is that banks tend to offer you their posted rate with very little or no discount on these easy-to-sign renewal forms.

Nearly three quarters of Canadians sign this renewal without researching what the competition has to offer. We, at The Guardian are here to offer you the free expertise and resources so you can take advantage of the competitive mortgage market.


Investment properties

The main point when purchasing multiple rental properties is understanding how rental mortgage lenders calculate the property income and expenses. By deducting the expenses of carrying the rental mortgage from the income generated from the property, your debt load (from a lenders point of view) will often be unchanged. This is compared to having the same income without the added expense of an additional property. This allows the average person with a decent income to purchase multiple rental properties.


New Comers To Canada

A new to Canada mortgage is part of the New To Canada Mortgage Insurance Program, which allows people who have relocated to Canada to buy a home faster than usual with a down payment as low as 5 percent. It can be frustrating for new arrivals to obtain a mortgage after moving to Canada, but this loan type can make the process much easier.

New to Canada mortgages feature high loan-to-value ratios for qualified borrowers, extended amortization rates, low down payment options and flexibility in choosing between a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage.


Commercial Mortgage

We are committed to helping you meet your commercial financing needs. We offer commercial 1st and 2nd mortgage loans that meet or exceed your long-term financing needs. We also, can help you to relocate your business, Purchase land or buildings, Construction financing,expansion or renovation loans, working capital and more.

How can a Commercial Loan benefit your business?

Our commercial loans are designed for small to medium-sized businesses. They offer long-term solutions that can help your business when you need to:

  • Develop new products or services
  • Make large purchases for your business
  • Buy another business
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Secured and unsecured options
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Available for small and larger amounts
  • Fast approval
  • Direct access to manage your account
  • Available in CAD and USD
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    Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

    Many Canadians are taking advantage of refinancing some of the equity in their mortgage to reduce their credit card debt. Why pay high interest rates on your bank's credit card debt when you can add that debt to your mortgage and pay a much lower interest rate! One important part of a strategy is knowing "good debt" from "bad debt". A well-planned mortgage can help you turn those bad debts into good debts and get them out of the way.

  • 1. Consolidate high interest rate credit cards to one lower rate.
  • 2. Save money and increase cash flow.
  • 3. Reduce stress knowing that your financial situation is now manageable.
  • What We Do

    The Guardian originates, underwrites and administers mortgage loans throughout the term of the mortgage. We have the flexibility and expertise to create innovative financial products for both our borrowers and investors. We work tirelessly for all your mortgage and real estate lending needs.

    The Mortgage Guardian has one mission: To serve you. To serve our clients means the world to us. We have prepared ourselves for years and worked harder than ever to make sure we are up to date with industry trends, market news, and needs assessments of all within Canada. We have secured expertise in order to serve you better. This is our mission, guaranteed, without a doubt, clients are number one to us.

    The Mortgage Guardian’s vision is to communicate the best options available to all. We strive to do the most research and work as hard as possible to make the connections you need to get the best rates in the market. To be recognized as the industry leader in maintaining healthy relationships with all of our clients during the mortgage process and through the lifetime of their mortgages.

    The Mortgage Guardian pledges to be your number one cheerleader. We are here to help you get to where you want to be. We are committed to completing vast amount of research on your behalf and communicating the options found to you in order to make the best decision in such a vulnerable time that is home purchasing. We pledge to be faithful and remain loyal to you throughout the entire mortgage period. We pledge to see you succeed at any cost necessary.

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