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Who We Are

The Mortgage Guardian is comprised of professional and experienced individuals who are always available to help you through your mortgage troubles and inquiries. When the bank says no, we say yes! We guarantee you the best rate in the market. Our efforts are precisely what you need to get the home of your dreams. Never give up on your dreams, just because you have not found the right opportunity does not mean it does not exist. You just need The Mortgage Guardian to help you find the exact match for you. Our expertise is unlike no other and success is guaranteed.

We make the experience easy and attainable. Our powerful brokers will act as intermediary professionals that will use your current needs to match you with the right mortgage and lender. Our brokers are confident in their skills, years of experience backing them up has proven satisfactory to all those who come into our offices. As industry leaders and innovative mortgage brokers, by getting in touch with us you have already made the best decision of your life. We will help save money, get the best and lowest rates and move on to accomplish your dream no matter what limitations you may have encountered in the past.


Company Mission

The Mortgage Guardian has one mission: To serve you. To serve our clients means the world to us. We have prepared ourselves for years and worked harder than ever to make sure we are up to date with industry trends, market news, and needs assessments of all within Canada. We have secured expertise in order to serve you better. This is our mission, guaranteed, without a doubt, clients are number one to us.

Company Vision

The Mortgage Guardian’s vision is to communicate the best options available to all. We strive to do the most research and work as hard as possible to make the connections you need to get the best rates in the market. To be recognized as the industry leader in maintaining healthy relationships with all of our clients during the mortgage process and through the lifetime of their mortgages.

Our Pledge

The Mortgage Guardian pledges to be your number one cheerleader. We are here to help you get to where you want to be. We are committed to completing vast amount of research on your behalf and communicating the options found to you in order to make the best decision in such a vulnerable time that is home purchasing. We pledge to be faithful and remain loyal to you throughout the entire mortgage period. We pledge to see you succeed at any cost necessary.



Promising Results


“The Mortgage Guardian was Great! I am so grateful! I received the most professional service I could have dreamed of. Your experience sets you apart from the rest and your guaranteed professionalism made this process so much easier. I am so happy to be a successful homeowner now and it was only because of you that I am now living in my dream home”.


100% Satisfaction


“Your level of professionalism was outstanding. I can trust you to handle my future dealings. I am so glad that I worked with you, I am now a happy camper! You are on my Favourites’ list on my iPhone, and even programmed into my home phone’s speed dial. Anytime I need help, you are always there for me. I will always refer you. I want my family and friends to experience the ease of buying their first home with you by their side”.


Dream Makers


“I was so happy after I met with the team at The Mortgage Guardian. I am now well into my renovation plans and can gladly say that I will be able to make at least 75% of the asking price. The idea of taking on the real estate industry as an investment was an amazing jump forward and I am so glad I made the decision to work with you! Thank you!”

Our Company Values

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